Sandra "Doodle" Rivas

My good friends Nico and Jack gave me a tour around Titmouse before we, along with other cool Titmouse buddies (Meg, Hayden), went out to a restaurant for a couple drinks and some food, as more friends joined. The margaritas we had were incredibly strong and I’m still very weak against alcohol (alongside with the fact that I didn’t eat much) so I was becoming a bit tipsy, but still capable of carrying on a conversation…. I think.

The first page with Margie definitely shows, with my clumsy use of the pen. The pencil sketches on the second are proof as well, but I wasn’t completely smashed thankfully (still able to hold a pencil and eat my chocolate mousse cake properly). The Sailor Moon doodle was inspired by Nico’s silly Sailor Moon drawing (I think I might join the bandwagon soon). I left the party a little early and finished the whole page with blue and green doodles before finally sleeping. I should draw more El Tigre~

Just a little announcement, from now on, any questions or comments I receive here will be answered on my regular Tumblr account. I want this account to be focused only on my artwork. I know most of you only prefer to see my doodles, which is perfectly fine. I know I grow sick of my own reblogs.

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