Sandra "Doodle" Rivas

Finally finished my *own* model sheets of my cat characters, which are loosely based on real cats I know, including Romeo who is my little retard.

Romeo: The anxious, dramatic, and idiotic house cat. I have never seen a cat that trips while walking, slips on a couch and lies down, runs sideways, gallops like a horse, and bumps his head while running under a table.

*Before I go on, let me mention something. Romeo is my cat. The rest of the cats are street cats that have lived in my apartment garage for more than 4 years. My neighbor takes care of them by feeding them daily and keeping them company.

Angel: She is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. A street cat and yet somehow she manages to keep herself clean. She hates attention even though she is clearly aware of her beauty. Very independent, but she’ll let my neighbor hold her.

Gadget: I used to think he was a sweet cat who loves to eat. Turns out he’s a bit of an attention whore. He once followed Tigger just to get her attention (I don’t think he liked her). And he’s threatened by anyone that could invade his “territory”. He hates any new cat. He once hissed at a homeless baby kitten (don’t worry, we found that little guy a home). He also hates to share his food. Sometimes he’ll steal from someone else.

Screech: This black cat is the leader of the gang and thinks he’s the king of the garage. My theory is that he thinks he owns the garage is he is allowing us humans to park our cars and hang around, as long as we say hi to him. He’s quite the chatterbox, mostly in the morning though.

Tigger: She’s the smallest of the gang, and the cutest in my opinion. She’s very timid and shy, almost afraid of any human, even though she craves for attention. She lost a bit of her tail during a raccoon fight, which adds to her cowardly behavior. She hides under cars or behind bushes. I think she trusts Angel because I see them two together all the time, hiding somewhere.

I’m still drawing them until I completely nail down their personalities. That’s how model sheets should look like, similar to Bob Clampett and Tex Avery. Drawing them constantly until you deeply understand their personalities, and altering the designs if necessary.

I hate writing character profiles. No passion whatsoever. But unfortunately that’s required for my Animation class. These model sheets however help me unwind so I shouldn’t complain.

Sorry for the long description. Hope you enjoy them.

~Sandra Rivas.

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