Sandra "Doodle" Rivas

I could swear there are many posts that talk about this but oh well… Anywho…

I really felt the need to discuss this because I have felt like this before. And I know it’s difficult to talk about it out of the fear of being called selfish or “crying for attention”.

I completely disagree. It’s not a matter of acting selfish. Again it’s another self-esteem issue. Let’s face it, low self-esteem is difficult to overcome, despite what some people think.

But it can be helped. We all want to be funny, smart, clever, pretty, talented, and all that jazz. We can be those! It’s totally possible.

Get started now! Learn to laugh and develop your own sense of humor. Be up to date with current events. Dress properly and care about your appearance.

But mind you I never said it was easy or a quick-fix. Everything takes time. I know it’s difficult in this time where we want things instantly. Believe me, I am the most impatient individual. But we just have to wait and keep working.

And popularity should not be your main concern. Yes as an artist we want some recognition, but becoming popular for the sake of being popular is a negative behavior to have.

Go at your own pace. Take it step by step to be become a better individual and a better artist. Make yourself happy and learn to love yourself.

I’m working on that too. In fact I made this advise for myself as well. Everything will get be better. Don’t worry C:

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